Five Good Reasons to Smile

Smiling is good for you and easy. It doesn’t cost a penny either. Here are five good reasons why you should smile more often.

Every day brings new frustrations, new challenges and new stressors. Although these can seem overwhelming there are ways to combat these. One of the best and most effective ways to face problems is with a good attitude. Nothing promotes good attitude like smiling. Smiling daily is a good idea for many reasons.

Smiling Improves Mood

Smiling can help to improve a bad mood. Forcing a smile may seem counter-intuitive but it is actually a good idea. Although forcing a smile does not help all the time, sometimes it brings a bad mood right around. The facial muscles used to smile and laugh have been connected to the spread of endorphins. Endorphins tend to lower stress levels and promote good health. A good comedy skit or joke might help to get a good smile going.

Smiling Promotes Beauty

Smile and laugh lines may not be as attractive as a smooth face but they are much more attractive than frown lines or worry lines. Smiling every day can help a person to age more gracefully. Also, when a person is genuinely smiling it brings out a radiance that makes him or her much more attractive. There is a certain inner beauty which shows through when a person smiles. It is apparent even in unattractive people.

Opportunity is Smiling

Smiling can help a person to seem more personable and approachable. Many potential opportunities for friendships and life progress can be passed by if the receiver does not appear to be approachable. Many employers seek employees who can relate to people and set them at ease. Also, a genuine smile tends to relax any misgivings one person may have over the character of another. Therefore, smiling upon first encountering someone new may help build trust and let his or her good personality traits show through.

Smiling is Helpful

Seeing a person smile can improve someone else’s mood as well. Therefore, smiling can be a small act of generosity. Just as misery and bad moods tend to be contagious, good moods and smiling can also be spread. A smile is a simple thing that doesn’t require riches to impart and it can improve the lives of total strangers.

Smiling is Healthy

Also, smiling tends to promote optimism. Seeing the glass as half-full can be helpful in many different types of situations. In times of illness or heavy burdens, optimism can help a person to pull through. Optimism can also help a person to have the ability to help others. This being said, too much optimism can lead others to view a person as silly and trite.

On the whole letting oneself smile at least one time a day is a good idea for a number of reasons. It is good for the person who is smiling; it is good for those around them. Smiling can make tough situations easier to handle. It can help aggravating situations be seen as humorous. It is relaxing and renewing and best of all, it is free.

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