Five Things Everyone Needs to Consider When Dining Out

1.) Be Polite

– Please acknowledge the fact that I have said “hello” and asked you, “how are you doing today?”

– Spouting of your drink and food order before I have had uttered a single word, comes across to me as a lack of manners and very disrespectful.

– In most cases you can leave me a bad tip, but still be pleasant to wait on. However leave a bad tip and be rude throughout the meal, that is a sure-fire way to get a few unkind words muffled under my breath.

2.) Tips

– As some may or may not know, waiters are not paid the average hourly wage. That being said, as servers we work very hard for our tips, and we rely on them for a majority of our income.

– A good rule of thumb, usually is to leave 15% to 20% tip depending on the check total.

– I am well aware of the fact that some severs may not be deserving of that percentage. Please understand that most servers want to give you a pleasant dinning experience and will almost bend over backwards to “receive” a little of your generosity.

3.) Watch “Your” Children

– The Restaurant is not a daycare and I am not a baby sitter.

– The restaurant is a very dangerous place to have little children running around and dodging servers carrying heavy trays.

– Please have your children in their high chairs and booster seats at all times, for their safety and ours.

4.) Cleaning Up

– I am fully aware that people enjoy coming out to eat knowing that they do not have to clean up the mess afterwards.

– This may be true, however if your two-year old has thrown spaghetti all over the floor and wall, it might be a nice gesture to do a little cleaning up.

– All we ask is that you help out with a little of the clean up or even just offer to help, the offer goes a long way.

5.) Be Patient

– Please understand that you and your family are not the only table I am waiting on, severs are usually responsible for 3 or more tables.

– As a server, I can pretty much guarantee that a waiter or waitress are not intentionally ignoring you. Snapping your fingers and screaming, “hey you” will not get me to your table any faster.

– So just hold on for just a minute, and I will be happy to fulfill your last request.

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief rant… I mean article, and I am sure your next waitress or waiter will thank you as well. Most people in the service industry are young adults working their way through college, we are not morons who could not hack it in “the real world”, so please, do not treat us as such. We appreciate your business and respect.

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