Five Things You Should Know About Mcdonalds

This imformation will tell you about the things that you should know before you buy a McDonalds.

Greasy, yet delicious. Cheap, yet irresistible.

McDonalds is the worlds biggest fast food restaurant chain in the world. 1 out of 4 Americans eat at McDonalds everday.

However, do you really know what goes into them delightful McChicken burgers and them sandwich and them luscious chicken nuggets? Here are a few facts that might change your appetite for McDonalds for a long time!

1) Current slaughter methods have birds plucked from bins by workers and hung upside down on an assembly line. The bird’s heads are dragged through brine and therefore they can be electrically shocked, which if done properly knocks the bird senseless. A spinning blade then cuts the bird’s throats.

2) How do their fries taste so good? Acryl amide is a chemical substance produced when starch rich food stuffs are baked, fried, grilled or micro-waved at very high temperatures. It is carcinogenic; that is, can cause tumor and cancer. French Fries are fried at 190°C. Eating greasy fries fried in saturated oil regularly can increase your bad cholesterol count, thereby risking coronary heart disease.

3) EVERY year an area of rainforest the size of Britain is sadly cut down or defoliated, and burnt. Globally, one billion people depend on water flowing from these forests, which soak up rain and release it gradually. The disaster in Ethiopia and Sudan is at leastpartly due to uncontrolled deforestation. In Amazonia – where there are now about 100,000 beef ranches – torrential rains sweep down through the treeless valleys, eroding the land and washing away the soil. The bare earth, baked by the tropical sun, becomes useless for agriculture. It has been estimated that this destruction causes at least one species of animal, plant or insect to become extinct every few hours.

4) Health guidelines state that people should not consume more than 2 grams of trans-fat a day. But when you consume fast food, such as French fries, you can actually end up consuming about 4-7 grams of trans-fat. This is way too much and definitely not good for your heart. And that’s only for the Fries!

Almost everything that you consume in a fast food restaurant is processed; the taste of the original ingredients is destroyed. Therefore, additives are added for giving flavor to the food. These include beef extract and sometimes they won’t even tell you which animal product is being used to give the flavor to your French fries.

So, next time you order your McDonalds, you may think twice about what has happened to your food before it is sold to you.

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