15 Flirty Questions to Ask Your Girl Crush

For those of us who have a crush, we often fantasize about one day approaching them and talking to them and maybe having that chance to go on a date with them. When you’ve already approached her and talked to her, the next step in your budding romance is to start getting a little more flirty.

Since many women see communicating as a very effective way of bonding with someone, asking her questions is a sure way to show her that you want to bond with her more as you get to know her even better. So when you’re already starting to get a little closer, make sure you ask her some of these questions.

What is your ideal boyfriend like?
This would already give her a huge hint that you’re into her. After all, how many guys would be interested in what a girl’s ideal boyfriend would be like if he didn’t have any intentions of trying to become that boyfriend? When you ask her this, she might give you some generic traits like kindness, a sense of humor, and patience. But watch out for when she mentions any traits that you have because when she does, it can only mean that she sees you as the potential ideal boyfriend.
What is your idea of a perfect date?
Like with the question of the ideal boyfriend, this would only be asked by a guy who wants to give her that perfect date. This would then also clue her in on how you are the guy to give her that. When you ask her this, you’re hinting that you want to know what her ideal date is because you’re planning to be the one she goes on that date with.
What is the perfect way to get you to kiss someone?
When you mention kissing to a girl and you’re already in a flirty type of relationship, there’s no way she won’t be having a mental image of you giving her that perfect kiss. So when you ask her this, make sure you pay close attention so that you can set up the place where your perfect first kiss could take place.
What is your biggest turn on?
You want to turn her on but you wouldn’t have any idea how unless you ask her. This might be more of a question that a guy would ask when he’s still beginning a flirtatious relationship with a girl. And if she’s really into you, she would definitely mention some traits that you already possess. But if she doesn’t mention any of your traits, don’t worry because you can work on enhancing those traits as you get to know her better.
Are you more dominant or submissive in a relationship?
When talking to a girl you’re flirting with, it’s common to want to know more about her relationship philosophy. In this case, asking her if she’s dominant or submissive would allow her to elaborate on how she acts when she’s in a relationship with a person. If it just so happens that she wants to play the part you prefer to play, this is when you can talk about how a submissive or a dominant one would compromise to meet the other’s needs.
What is your all-time favorite romantic movie?
You can know a lot about a person based on their favorite movie. But when you ask her about her favorite romantic movie, you’ll get to know what she wants out of a relationship. For instance, if her favorite romantic movie is filled with heavy melodrama and long confessions of love, you better start practicing long speeches that would express just how much you love her. If her favorite movie is more lighthearted and filled with beautiful scenes of new and wonderful places, she might be the type who would like to one day see the world with the man she loves.
What is one thing a guy can do that will definitely make you fall for him?
This is basically you asking her “what should I do to make you fall for me?” When you ask her this, she’ll already know that you’re asking because you want to do what it takes to make her fall head over heels for you. And when she does reveal what it is that makes her fall in love, do whatever you can to do exactly that if it means securing a more serious relationship with her.
What can a guy do to make you feel loved and wanted?
When you’re done talking about what turns her on, what her ideal date is, and what her ideal first kiss is, it’s time to ask her more about what she wants out of a relationship. We all have different love languages. These are our ways of expressing our love for a person. Some people are more responsive to spending a lot of time together even if you aren’t doing anything in particular. Others love being touched and cuddled. And there are some who like to receive little gifts. Know what love language she responds to so that in the future, when you’re together, you know what would make her feel loved and wanted.
What goes on in that beautiful mind of yours when you’re alone?
This is a veiled compliment that allows you to get to know her better. For one, you’re complimenting the beauty of her mind and the eloquence of her thoughts. And second, you’ll learn what usually occupies her mind, whether it’s work, her dreams for the future, or her relationships with other people. This gives you some valuable insight into her priorities in life.
What’s a gorgeous and intelligent girl like you doing being single?
This question is meant to flatter her, but it also allows you to know why she isn’t already taken. Perhaps she had a bad breakup that turned her off from romantic relationships. Maybe she has been so focused on her career that she hasn’t had the time to look for a compatible partner. When you know what has been keeping her single for so long, you can also know what she’s trying to avoid in a relationship.

How do you see yourself in the future? Talk to her about the future and she won’t be able to help but think of you being in it. Ask her what she wants to do in the future, maybe in 10 years or 20. Not only does this help you know what her goals in life are, but it will also help you check if her priorities in life align with yours.

What was the worst, most awkward date you have ever been on? When you’re flirting with a girl, it’s only natural to talk about the funny and lighthearted experiences you had in life. She has definitely had her fair share of bad dates, and that sort of thing is fun to talk about. In turn, you can also tell her about your weirdest or most awkward date. But be sure not to be too demeaning towards the person you had a date with, as she may see this is you being judgmental.

What outfit does a guy have to wear to get your attention? This is more of a subtle rephrasing of “what should I wear on our date to make you even more attracted to me.” Women take pride in their attention to detail, and when it comes to clothes, you bet she has a preference. Some girls like men in more casual wear like a white t-shirt and some jeans for a casual picnic date. Others like a more dapper appearance such as a dinner jacket over a button-down with some leather loafers for a fancy dinner. Knowing what outfit she likes in a guy also lets you know what kind of dates you could potentially be going on.

If I could take you on a whirlwind weekend getaway, where would you like to go? No one would reject the chance to relax and travel to a new location! Even if you haven’t got the means to take her on that whirlwind weekend getaway, it’s still nice to be able to fantasize about it. Listen for words like “we” or “us” because this can only mean that she one day intends to go with you on that getaway.

If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be? Allow her to share her more vulnerable side, the side of her that she is hesitant to show to the world. When you’re already close, she might feel comfortable enough with you to share these things. And when she does, make sure you listen intently and acknowledge her insecurities, no matter how small they seem. This also gives you the opportunity to reassure her that she doesn’t have to change a thing because she’s awesome just as she is.

Make your crush feel just how interested you are in her by asking her questions that allow her to open up to you!

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