Floods Cause Potholes

The hardcore of roads is washed away during flooding causing potholes.

The law regarding potholes and the disabled This will effect every country that has floods

What the government and local authorities seem to forget is that  the floods washed away the hardcore of the roads and they will continue to collapse causing potholes the only cure is to build new roads. Where the potholes are bad we must reduce the speed of traffic to a reasonable speed about ten miles per hour.

I have also included a summary of the law that the government and local government are denying exists.

As usual they are lying and I am telling the truth.

You have started to kill and maim the abled bodied on their bikes maybe you will do something to help the disabled now. 

Section 175A of the Highways Act 1980 was inserted following the enactment of the Disabled Persons Act 1981 and can be summarised as follows:

(a) Authorities and persons exercising a statutory power to execute works on the street, shall have regard to:

(i) the needs of disabled people and blind people whose mobility may be impeded by the works; and,

(ii) without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (i) above the needs of blind people to have any openings, whether temporary or permanent, in the street properly protected.

(b) An Authority or person mentioned in sub-section (a) above, shall have regard to the needs of disabled people and blind people when placing lamp-posts, bollards, traffic signs, apparatus, or other permanent obstructions in the street.

(c) A Highway Authority shall have regard to the needs of disabled people when considering the desirability of providing ramps at appropriate places between carriageways and footways.

(d) Section 28 of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act, 1970 (power to define certain expressions for the purposes of provisions of that Act), shall have effect as if any reference in it to a provision of that Act included a reference to this section.

Also, Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual sets out standards to be observed when working in the highway. In many cases this will be a contractual requirement. Public utilities and their contractors must also, under Section 65 of the New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991, comply with the associated Code of Practice called Safety at Street Works and Road Works.

Nothing shall impede the right of passage of disabled people.

Today no disabled have these rights the pedestrian walkways are full of obstructions that no one prevents. The biggest offenders are the local authorities and councils.

The Police have given up and I don’t blame them.

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