Flu Vaccine: Should I be Immunised?

Flu viruses are always mutating and as a result there is always going to be different vaccinations each year, have you considered having the flu jab this winter?

Each year there is an opportunity for many to have the flu jab. With many organisations bringing in specialists to help immunise their workers and with it being free is there any reason not to have the jab? With symptoms such as chills, fever, muscle aches and headaches lasting over several days can be very difficult for many, disrupting jobs and other responsibilities. Therefore the choice of having or not having the flu jab can be quite easy for some.

Flu viruses are always mutating and as a result there is always going to be different vaccinations each year to help cover the new strains that will have been identified. With the end goal hoping to reduce the number of deaths each year down to the flu.

Currently, under Department of Health guidelines, everyone who is over 65 should be offered the jab. Over-65’s are considered high risk because their living conditions are considered high risk for the circulation of the flu, including many who may already be ill. But does this mean the jab will be necessary for more active and much stronger adults and children?

Many believe that there are many steps that can be taken during the winter month to reduce the likeliness of contracting the flu. Such as washing your hand regularly and ensuring that all commonly used areas are cleaned regularly. This will include door handles and worktops. Avoiding large crows is another measure that can be taken but for many this is not an option because of possible work commitments, therefore having the flu jab can become essential.

It must be remembered that although having the flu jab can help with immunisation over the coming with months, after receiving the jab it may still be possible to become ill. The jab currently only requires between 60% to 80% effectiveness to considered effective.

Speak to your GP if you are unsure if you fall into the essential groups that may require further protection this winter. Or check for private health insurance quotes to ensure your covered this winter with the ultimate care and cover. The flu jab is generally recommend for those over 65 or have long term medical conditions including pregnancy, are all at risk of developing serious complications when contracting flu.

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