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When they get easily hurt and rejected.
They must cover up before detected.
Narcissism is their Kingdom.
The living is their freedom.

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National No Bra Day

National No Bra Day is the day for women to let unhook their bra and let their breasts, or boobies, enjoy a day of freedom. Go for it girls!


The Price of Freedom

You are free to live your life the way you want it. Life is free and so are you.

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Weight Loss: What to Do with Cravings

Attempting to get rid of excess weight and finally giving up smoking cigarettes are much the same in a significant way. If you want to be successful with either one, you will need a strong desire to do it now. Whenever you can become inspired, and keep that, then your probability of manifesting your desires skyrocket. Just like each and every idea begins with a thought, every motivation arises from the seed of desire. Should you really desire to become a force, you’ll need to blend that with one more thing. Exactly what this 3rd aspect is will depend completely on your specific psychological make-up.


Top 10 Human Fears

Human Fears are many but we may select only ten fears as the most important ones. These fears have been associated with human beings since the time of God’s creation.

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We All Yearn for That Something That Seems So Hard to Find. Learn The Steps to Find The Link Your Missing

Deep within your soul there is a desire; an ache, a longing for something more; But What? A dream so far removed yet so important it lingers within your subconscious creating a feeling of something missing within your life!

Do you feel it?
Do you know what you seek?
Learn the steps to find the Link your Missing.


Civil Disobedience of Stupid Laws

The world is moving in the apparent legality and almost all abide by the rules, that is where the abuse allegedly to maintain a healthy society.


Breathing Heavely Towards Freedom..

When times of weakness arrive my door, I remind myself how strong I have been and how powerful I am to conquer all.


Awaken Yourself; Go Somewhere Over The Rainbow

This blog is about one’s discontentment with where they are in life and the keys to unlocking your inner self and freedom.

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Greatest Country in The World?

Why the United States may not be the greatest country in the world.