Gargling With Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide, or H2O2, is a common household product. This is used for disinfection, sanitation, bleaching and cleaning. To be safety used as a mouth cleanser, hydrogen dioxide should be diluted. Gargling with peroxide will help whiten teeth, disinfect mouth sores and freshen your breath. It is important to understand the qualities of hydrogen peroxide before using it.

The Safety of Gargling With Peroxide

A few preliminary warnings:

1. Hydrogen peroxide should not be swallowed, as it may lead to discomfort of the stomach if consumed in small quantities or it may cause more serious medical concerns if consumed in large quantities.

2. It may be necessary to dilute the chemical before using it, as pure hydrogen dioxide is acidic and may cause pain or harm if used in excess. Some containers are already diluted to 1% to 3%, and these dilutions are generally safe.

3. Do not use hydrogen peroxide as a gargle for children. They may not be able to prevent themselves from swallowing the liquid. Use a salt water mixture instead, as it is not harmful for them to swallow it.

4. Excessive inhalation or eye contact may lead to medical concerns. Use hydrogen peroxide sparingly and with attention to these concerns.

With these warnings in mind, gargling hydrogen peroxide is a safe treatment for many mouth ailments and cosmetic concerns. Gargling may help reduce mucus buildup on the back of your throat, and therefore may reduce irritating mucus drips. It will also help sanitize sores or wounds in the mouth. Because of its acidic content, it may also be used to whiten teeth. However, it should not be used in excess at anytime.

How to Gargle Hydrogen Peroxide

1. If you are using 1% to 3% diluted hydrogen peroxide, then there is no need to dilute it. However, if you are using pure hydrogen peroxide, then mix one part peroxide with ten parts water. This will be stronger than the 1% or 3% dilutions that your purchase at the store. This will dilute the chemical so that it will be less likely to cause harm to your digestive system in case you swallow it. A small mouthful of fluid will serve your needs, so use about as much liquid as you would use with regular mouthwash.

2. Gargle the hydrogen peroxide for about a minute. This will care for the back of your throat and mouth. Afterwards, swish it around your mouth and between your teeth. If you have a sore or wound, then softly push the liquid back and forth over the injury.

3. Spit out the hydrogen peroxide into the sink. If you have a beard, be careful not to spit it into your hair, as it will potentially cause it to bleach. Rise out your mouth with water, then gargle and swish, and spit out the water. This help help remove any left over hydrogen peroxide.

4. If you find that a certain dilution or style works best in your experience, then please contribute to our community, or read the insights of other contributors to learn what may work best for you.

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