Gaza War 2014: The Child Who Survived an Israeli Massacre

Gaza, 10 July 2014 – By Adham Tobail – Hamad family from the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, had lived in happiness, did not know the family will end the terrorist crime committed by the authorities in Israel, the family, mostly children and women, and they are innocent civilians.

Noor was Noor Hafiz Hamad (5 years) survivor of the massacre of the family of Hamad in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, of telling the story of the targeting of Israeli aircraft to his family’s home, where killed six people, including his mother and father, his health condition is still critical, although he left the intensive care unit.

Nour, who was seriously injured after the bombing of the occupation of the family home last night, seriously injured, was to save his life, and he stayed for hours in the intensive care unit, went to the department of surgery, but he did not Istqaz after, and does not know until the moment that the rocket him to lose consciousness because of the difficulty of injury , also spent all of the Bouapthm, they are the mother of Hafiz Hamad (30 years), and his mother, Suha Hamad (27 years) and his uncle and the wife of his uncle, and his cousin, we have (16 years), in addition to his grandmother, who returned a few days ago from the home of Hijaz after performing Umrah, Wim injured his cousin, who was playing with him

Noor did not know the people after he left intensive care, was not with him on a bed of healing, but the mother of his uncle’s wife, where she was present at the hospital along with her grandson, the son of her daughter, who is also cited in the bombing.

Troy Ms. mother and Sam Hamad bereaved martyrdom of her daughter what happened, says: “The grandmother Noor has returned several days ago from the home of Hijaz after performing Umrah, where she lives in the house of Hafiz’s father Noor, and it was on this night visited by guests, and was also visited by my daughter’s husband Ibrahim and my daughter and our daughter at the age of 16 years, in addition to their child Kannan, who was injured with light”
And complement “the guests left, leaving only the mother of Noor and his father and my daughter, her husband and their daughter, along with the need, Wim was light and Kinan playing on the door of the house.”
It adds: “The bombing of the house and he died six, hit Kannan and Noor.”
And complement the need for a mother and Sam: “What is the guilt of the whole family in order to be killed by a rocket, but we do not, we are powerless.”
Nour, who lost his parents did not Istifez after, Wim enables cousin Kannan (6 years) of pronunciation with great difficulty with some words because of the difficulty of his health, and he said: “They were happy with the home and two Sohranin, and we were playing on the door of the house and I Noor, and suddenly became the shelling, rockets Laura some, and then what I knew something.”
It is noteworthy that the bombing of a house belonging to Hamad, comes in a series of Zionist targeting the homes of Palestinian civilians and reached about 55 houses, in gross violation of international law, which prohibits harm to property and civilian objects.

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