Go for Beer Without Hops

Just another day in the life of a spartan series, Blogging on the move.

OOOooooooaaahhhahh… gurl your shining , like a fifth avenue diamond…. I love any song with a gud OOOooooOOooo thats vibrato+Modulation for all you tone deaf people out there..

finally got my hands on mkto “classic” and it is Good!

Your outta my head , your outta my mind… nice….. wanna do you like michael , wanna kiss you like prince. . Dam… sanjana , why did i let you slip from my hands.. you were easily a million times hotter than all my friends put together. Should’ve gone for that kiss in the car that day instead of chickening out …dam… that’s the last time I’ll turn down a girl for a kiss.. All she wanted was a little privacy. Anyway, that train’s been a long time gone.

Guys take my word for it, never put your dad’s friend before his hot daughter when it comes to prioritizing . Had nothing to lose but still lost out on my million year old crush. In the end we parted ways badly anyways.. and Dad and his friend are still good friends.

And always experiment when it comes to beers. I never knew sweet beers existed.. yet here I am with a pint of imported honey laced plonk.

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