People who have greed are not smart.

People of greed tend to have everything go wrong in their lives.
One thing I can’t stand is an Indian giver. If you give someone something that they tell you th3y can sell, then let it be.
Don’t say you don’t want anything off of it and then change your mind once the object is sold. I’m sorry buddy but your loss.
Your not getting anything from me! You should have sold ut your self if you wanted a profit.
Instead of selling it, I’m goung to pass on 5he sell abd take then add down just to mess with you.
I don’t need the money, it was just extra spending cash for me. But your mouth started watering so it’s funny to me.
I don’t work for you! I’m not your secretary. You should have asked for a cut and I would have worked that in the deal.
Butnyou got greedy bsonnow your stuck sitting wi5hn5hat object in your way, no profit and no way to get rid of it.
I guess nit sucks to be you right now.
Bet you wish you had kept your mouth shut now huh?
Sad thing is, I was going to give you something anyway without your knowledge.
Bad case of foot in mouth.


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