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Fear, Sadness and Happiness:

Every day we encounter the states of anxiety and depression at their higher and lower respective levels. We can study the etiology and treatment of anxiety and depression in the large and standard textbooks on this subject. Again, the patterns of these disorders vary from one region to another. But here, I would like to draw the attention of all the strata of society to the psycho-social aspect of these disorders.



Some are great, some are sad; lessons to be learned from each and every one of them!

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Happiness Isn’t Everything

We read so much about how to achieve happiness until we begin to think something is wrong with us if we aren’t perfectly happy. Our parents and grandparents had no such ideas. New research is coming out to prove they were right. Working hard and doing our best in whatever circumstance we find ourselves will get us further in life than happiness. Everything in moderation is the ticket. A little dissatisfaction can be a good thing.

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Teenage Life

A few things that bug a teenager.


Foods That Can Make Us Feel Happy

Everyone wants to feel happy. Happiness can also be obtained through the food we eat. This article will explain it to you.


Happiness is Everywhere

Happiness is everywhere.

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What is success? how to manage life issues and have a successful life.


15 Tips for Happy Living

Those who are strongly attached to their material possessions in general find themselves in deep trouble when they lose those psychological things. And ‘maybe a cliché, but what have inevitably ends up possessing you.


How to Make Yourself Happier

Go on try it!

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Happiness Comes From Where?………… is From Giving

Are you rushing for happiness costing thousands of dollars? no need, just spend few minutes here, take the lesion and apply in your life. that’s ok.