He Says He Misses You. What Does That Mean?

He could mean several things when he says he misses you. Before we dive in too deep, just take a minute to relish being missed. You’re great, and, in his own way, he’s acknowledging this (and we agree!).

He misses your conversation.

This is a simple one. Talking to you, either his partner or a big player in his life, helps him to de-stress, work through his problems, and find a peaceful place. Maybe, you’re a fantastic comedian and make him laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine. On the other hand, it could be that you’re a solid, dependable outlet that knows all his secrets. Either way, your feedback helps him put things into perspective. Although this can be romantic and often is, it doesn’t have to be. Friends miss this with eachother too, whether it’s brought on by a disagreement, distance, or the consequences of packed schedules. People, even us dedicated introverts, need other people. He’s telling you you’re high up on that list.

He misses your body.

This can of course be sexual, but it could also be his way of telling you that your physical closeness is something he finds comforting. Whether it’s cuddling during Netflix and chill, holding hands over dinner, or just riding shotgun in his car, relationships are built on physical affection. If you’ve been separated for whatever reason this could be his way of saying that his couch, his car, or his bed feel empty without you.
Side note- just remember someone saying they miss you is not necessarily an invitation back into their life or proof that you should let that person back into your confidence either. We’re inserting some Dua Lipa for you in case you need reminding.

He misses the closeness of your relationship.

We’ve all had the feeling. You know the one. One minute you’re vibing with someone, almost reading their thoughts, and the next you’re barely understanding what the other person is saying. The closeness, the intimacy of the relationship, feels out of whack but nothing overtly went wrong. Whether it’s a bad habit of unanswered texts, never being able to get to the phone in time, or different social groups and expectations he may be telling you he’s feeling that disharmony. Listen to what he’s saying and decide what the best way to go forward is. Strong relationships can weather these discordant dips.

It’s a booty call.

Okay, it could be. What’s the next response if you give him an, “I miss you too”? It’s, “Come over.” Whether he says it or you do, this can be a way to restart, revisit, or mirror the actions of a previous encounter. “I miss you,” easily and often becomes, “I’m lonely” or “I’m alone right now.” Know that there’s a significant difference in missing your thoughts and your time vs. I miss having a warm body in bed with me.

Do you have any other examples of what he means when he says, “I miss you?” Sound off in the comments below! 

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