Health and Fitness: Music Makes for a Better Workout

Do you often exercise without listening to music? You’re missing out on a proven way to have a more invigorating workout.

I listen to my iPod full blast while on the treadmill or elliptical, and there’s just no better way to pump me up. Whether you listen to hip hop, heavy metal, or Spanish songs, working out while listening to your favorite kind of music provides a frisson of adrenaline that not only keeps you going, but helps you meet if not surpass whatever goal it is you’re striving for — whether it’s to burn 1,000 calories or run four miles. 

Exercising without music is like eating a sandwich without the proper condiments that infuse it with flavor. I simply cannot motivate myself to run harder if I’m not listening to music. Since I enjoy dancing, I figure that if not for the fact I’m at the gym, I’d probably be at the club strutting my stuff. 

I understand that not everyone enjoys dancing. Some people aren’t even all that into music. But I strongly encourage you to make an attempt to listen to at least one catchy song you know — whatever the genre — while exercising. I guarantee you that not only will the session be far less dull, but you’ll lose yourself in the music and find that the time will go by a lot quicker than you’d anticipated. 

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