Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is known as a remedy for Heart Disease, lowering blood pressure and avoiding colds. These benefits have been long used during ancient times and are still being used in our generation. All the while, scientists discover new health benefits all the time and just make this vegetable more super than before. It is important to learn the benefits that Garlic holds so we can use it when we are in need. A main compound in Garlic called Allicin gives the herb its spice and hot taste and has many properties for health including anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-oxidants. This is the compound which gives Garlic its main health benefits. Let us have a read below to find out more interesting facts about the herb!

1) Garlic Lowers Cholesterol!

A person who takes around 600mg of Garlic everyday can help reduce cholesterol by 15%. Don’t waste time now if you’re suffering from high cholesterol and get into the supermarket and buy some Garlic!

2)  Garlic Lowers Blood Pressure!

Blood pressure is on the increase in our world and that can be easily blamed on stress. Stress can be a life threatening issue and needs to be dealt with soon as possible before problems arise. Many remedies that promise to lower blood pressure give our painful side effects as a disadvantage, but Garlic regulates blood pressure in a safe manner without giving any side effects.

Apart from just remedies, you can use Garlic as a flavour for your dishes. Instead of using high sodium flavourings like salt which can also increase blood pressure, Garlic can be healthy and a flavouring. The herb helps bring out some of the best taste and there isn’t anything better to use. Try adding Onions, Peppers, Gingers and Garlic for best results!

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