The boost of energy in your morning cup of coffee can have negative and positive health effects. Know the facts before you indulge in that second or third cup.

Did you know that drinking that extra cup of coffee in the morning could have an adverse effect on your health? Studies have always shown that drinking more than three cups of coffee a day can have a negative effect on your health, but it can also have a positive effect.

Drinking more than three cups of coffee a day can exaggerate stress, raise cholesterol and can increase blood pressure and adrenaline levels. While drinking coffee can have energizing effects for a short period, heavy drinking can lead to fatigue, mental confusion and depression.

Studies show that the long term effects of heavy coffee drinking can include an increased risk of heart attack or stroke and can affect a woman's fertility. Pregnant women should stay away from drinking too much coffee, as it increases the risk of early delivery.

Drinking large amounts of coffee regularly can also have some positive health benefits. Studies show that heavy coffee drinkers are 50% less likely to suffer liver cancer, and they significantly reduce their risk of colon, breast and rectal cancer.

High coffee consumption also lowers blood sugar and increases resting metabolism rate, making heavy drinkers half as likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Studies also show that high consumption may reduce the risk of developing gallstones and can benefit men by protecting them against Parkinson's disease.

Weighing the pros and cons of coffee drinking can be difficult, know the facts before you indulge in that extra cup. If you can't live with your morning coffee or that boost during work, keep your consumption between three and five cups a day.