Learning Stethoscope

The learning stethoscope is a highly specialized stethoscope. It has two pairs of listening ear pieces. The standard stethoscope has one pair of listening ear pieces. One end of the listening side can be used by the educator/teacher and the other side can be used by the student.

When the teacher hears the sounds which one is learning to recognize, the teacher can indicate to the student to listen more carefully so that the learner can decipher those sounds.

In my view most students' expectations of those sounds are different from the actual sounds one hears with the stethoscope so the students do not hear them. Once the student has been trained to recognize those sounds he/she does not forget them.

Learning stethoscopes can be purchased from suppliers of educational equipment and must be available for use by all new nursing students. They are invaluable when is comes the recognizing heart beats, lung sounds, and systolic and diastolic blood pressures for the first time.

In terms of value for money, these stethoscopes are an excellent investment. It saves the lecturer a lot of practice time. In this situation students who have learned to recognize these sounds can often share that experience with others. There is a good feeling associated with being able to hear the heart, lung, pulse and fetal heart beat for the first time.