Holistic Treatment For Bladder Cancer: A New Hope

Holistic Treatment For Bladder Cancer: A New Hope

Bladder cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer in America today. It is more common amongst the male gender as 75% of those suffering from it are men. The exact cause of blood cancer is unknown. But, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and exposure to some environmental toxins increase one’s chances of getting it.

Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer

Symptoms of bladder cancer include pain when urinating, blood in the urine, lower back pain and weight loss. The symptoms of blood cancer are like other diseases such as bladder infections and kidney stones. This makes it a hard disease to diagnose. However early diagnosis is key to recovery so if you detect any of these symptoms you should go get tested.

Conventional Treatments

Holistic Treatment For Bladder Cancer: A New Hope

Holistic Treatment For Bladder Cancer: A New Hope

Conventional bladder cancer treatments are generally very invasive and can be painful. Some examples of treatment include medical surgery whereby cancerous tumors, tissues, and sections of the bladder are cut off from the patient’s body. Other treatments include chemotherapy, radiation, and other drug therapies that ravage the body while trying to kill cancerous cells.

The thought of going through conventional bladder treatments stresses out many patients which only adds to the illness. For such patients, Oasis of Healing recommends trying out less invasive holistic treatments that can fight cancer while being gentle on the patients’ mental and physical health.

Holistic Treatments For Bladder Cancer

Holistic Treatment For Bladder Cancer: A New Hope

Holistic Treatment For Bladder Cancer: A New Hope

Healthy nutrition is the most important key to preventing cancer as well as healing it. Good nutrition boosts our immunity and helps our white blood cells to fight off any diseases that may attack our bodies. A holistic treatment would start off by removing well-known cancer-causing foods from a patient’s diet. These foods include commercial meat and dairy products, processed foods, foods high in sugar and sodium as well as sugar itself.

Highly processed foods contain many toxins. This requires a lot of energy from the immune system to eliminate. Patients recovering from cancer need their immune system to fight the disease, so it is better for them to refrain from ingesting toxins. Once cancer-causing foods are removed from the body, they should be replaced with foods that boost your immune system. Organic and raw fruits and vegetables are the best foods to ingest when trying to fight cancer.  Vitamin supplements, particularly Vitamins C, D, and E are great for the immune system.

Exercise And Holistic Therapy

Patients should also try a regular exercise regimen as this will strengthen their body and mind. Exercise increases muscle mass as well as relieves the stress and anxiety that comes with a cancer diagnosis. Holistic treatment centers also offer therapies that may relieve cancer symptoms such as oxygen therapy and lymphatic drainage therapy. You can now access holistic treatment in Arizona in case you live there and want to pursue alternative treatments to bladder cancer.

It is important to get alternative cancer treatments from centers that have a track record of success. Unfortunately, there are many frauds in alternative health that recommend ineffective and dangerous treatments such as using hydrogen peroxide to cure cancer. Be sure to disclose any natural remedies you are talking to your doctor as some natural remedies may negate the effects of conventional cancer treatment therapies.

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