Home Remedies for Overcoming Opiate Addiction

Opiate is a drug derived from opium plant that has sedating and pain-killing properties capable of producing a relaxing effect when ingested. Opiate addiction is a central nervous system disorder caused by continuous excessive opiate intake. How do you overcome this addiction from home?

Addiction implies that the user has become so dependent on the drug that he develops chronic intoxication and an intense urge to acquire it by any means.

Causes of Addiction
The causes of opiate addiction are many, but the most common are peer pressure, personality, genetics, stress, and child abuse. Most begin out of curiosity and end up as regular users. The immediate effect of opiate on the brain is a high level of relaxation that will naturally be craved for.
Effects of Opiate Addiction

Constant use can lead to excessive use which defines the user. While a user is high on the drug, he will not desire to part with it because it gives him a pleasurable feeling. It is when the immediate desirable effects disappear that the user experiences the very damaging effects of the drug on his body and person. Some of these serious side effects are breathing difficulty, constipation, spasms of the stomach, nausea, low blood pressure, drowsiness, disorientation, slurred speech, confusion, agitation, tremors and even coma.

Opiate Addiction Treatment

The extent of damage the opiates do to the body of a regular user is unimaginable, for it can be a life lost in life, so to speak. Many users find that getting out is as difficult, if not more, as it is to deal with the side effects because of the withdrawal symptoms. But for those who are determined to get back their lives, there are available treatment procedures involving medication, to lessen the withdrawal effects, and behavioral therapy, to prepare the user to a new community life. These treatment programs are usually conducted in clinics, hospitals and treatment centers but many users avoid them because of inconvenience, the stigma attached to a user, and costs. Instead, they resort to residential treatment where the home remedy is administered by themselves alone or with the help and cooperation of a close friend or relative.

Home Remedies of Opiate Addiction

One home remedy that is suggested by users themselves is the Thomas recipe, named after its original user. It involves the mustering of a high dose of self-determination as much as the preparation of a list of items to be needed: a tablet sedative for tapered use for four days; anti-diarrhea tablets; mineral supplements zinc, calcium, magnesium and potassium; B6 and L-tyrosine. Their testimonials indicate the effectiveness of their method.

Another unnamed home remedy calls for similarly enough supply of anti-diarrhea, anti-nausea and pain medicines, combined with passion flower for the withdrawal symptoms, ginger for the nausea and vomiting, and valerian root for the sleep and relief from discomfort.

Another home remedy is called the detox cold turkey, an alternative to the expensive hospital detox method. This procedure will really require a cold turkey self-determination because it means deciding to withdraw from the addiction at home with just the help of a friend or companion. Amazingly, many users seem to find this very useful.

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