Home Remedies for Spondylitis

Home Remedies For Spondylitis.

What is Spondylitis
Spondylitis is a type of inflammatory arthritis that affects the spine or backbone. It causes back pain and stiffness. Spondylitis usually affects men in their 20s and 30s though it may affect women and other age groups. Instances of spondylitis have slowly been increasing through the years. This can be attributed to an increase in sedentary lifestyles and hours spent stooping in incorrect postures in front of computer screens.

Symptoms of Spondylitis
The most common early signs of spondylitis are constant pain and stiffness in the low back, buttocks and hips that continue for more than three months. The patients ability to perform routine activities start to get impaired. Spondylitis is a systemic disease, which means symptoms may not be limited to the joints. Patients may also have a fever, fatigue and loss of appetite. Eye inflammation occurs in about one-fourth of patients with spondylitis.

Remedies for Spondylitis
As of now, there is no known cure for spondylitis. However, you can try these home remedies to gain relief from the pain and suffering associated with this disease.

Massage Therapy
Therapeutic massage is a very helpful tool for pain relief and stress reduction. It provides temporary relief of pain and stiffness and can improve flexibility because of the increased blood circulation.

Get a suitable chair
The ideal chair either at home or at work should have a firm seat and an upright back extending to the head. A chair with arms will also help to lessen the weight on your spine. The chair should be of a height which will allow you to keep a right angle with the knee and hip joints. Whatever you do, avoid low, soft chairs and sofas as they will encourage bad posture and increase pain.

Change your bed
The ideal bed should be firm, without sag, but not too hard. Try to use as few pillows as possible, preferably only one. If you decide to buy a new bed it does not need to be the most expensive. You should choose an ordinary interior sprung mattress with a firm edge. If possible, lie on the mattress for 20 minutes before purchasing to see if it is comfortable.

Check your posture
The position you adopt when you move about affects the position of your spine. Poor posture will be detrimental to the ultimate position of your spine. Try to maintain an erect posture with shoulders held comfortably back.

Hot and cold
Heat helps in relieving pain and stiffness. A hot bath or shower first thing in the morning or before bed reduces pain and stiffness, especially if some stretching exercises are done at the same time. You may also find hot water bottles or electric blankets useful in bed. If you have a particularly inflamed area, an ice-pack may help.

Eat a nourishing diet with high in protein. Eat fruit and vegetables for vitamins and drink milk for calcium. You could also try drinking two tablespoons of potato juice before meals. When you feel like snacking, chew on five or six walnuts.

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