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Try this and make your eyes better.

Today we are discussing about home remedies for improving eyesight and removal of glasses. Many people in the world are suffering from the diseases such as Myopia and Hyperopia; as resulting they are forced to use glasses.

The visual system of human being works for seeing all the surrounding things and help to understand about the visual theory of world. Without eyesight, it seems like as a bow without arrow. We cannot think about this beautiful world without eyesight.

There are many reasons behind eyesight weakness; the most common is uneven lifestyle, watching TV without blinking, working on computer for long hours, fewer nutrition diets, hereditary disorder etc.
Nevertheless, here we are discussing some natural tips and remedies to get rid of glasses and improve your eyesight rapidly. These remedies are very common and influential. After using, eyesight would improve significantly and you would be grateful to Ayurveda.

Natural Home Remedies For Improve Eyesight at Home
1. Almond and Fennel Seeds

Almonds and fennel seeds are the key ingredients to improve your eyesight significantly. This is the tremendous remedial combination with Mishri (crystallized sugar). You must try this remedial mixture to improve your eyesight.

  • Almond (Badam)
  • Large Fennel or Fennel Seeds (Sounf).
  • Sugar or (Kuja Mishri) is also known as “Crystallized Sugar lumps”.

How To Prepare: – Take equal amount of almond, large fennel (fennel seeds) and sugar (Kuja mishri) and grind them to make a fine powder. For example if you take 500 gram of almond then also take 500 grams of both fennel seeds and sugar or mishri. Thereafter Keep the mixture in a glass vessel or in plastic container on a safe place. Now the remedy is ready to use.

Note: – You also can make more remedy at same time and keep it in a glass vessel or plastic container on a safe place.

Treatment Method (Dosage): Take 10 gram of this remedial mixture with 250 ml of milk at every night before you go to sleep. Use this remedy continuously at least for 40 days, resulting your eyes will become brighter and doesn’t need glasses. This is true, if you don’t believe then should try to feel the effects. It has also effective to cure from weakness of mind, twisted mind, and amnesia by this remedy.

Precautions: Give half quantity of medication to minors. To getting full benefit of the remedy, you shouldn’t drink water for two hours after taking the remedy.

2. Triphala Remedy

Triphala is the magic of ayurveda; it is the best combination of three herbal fruits. Triphala has very effective to treat from Tridosha (vata, pitta and kapha) and even also it has been very effective to cure from eyesight weakness, eye disorders and hair problems. Regarding to improve eyesight, you have to wash your eyes with triphala water as given formula.

Triphala: A Megical Remedy For All Disease – Read More

Put or soak a teaspoon triphala powder into a glass of water and leave it to overnight. Next morning, fitter this water and wash your eyes with this water. You can also keep fresh water in your mouth when washing your eyes with triphala water to getting tremendous improvements within a month.
Use this method on a regular basis and once in a day to get noticeable improvements in your eyesight.

3. Gooseberry/Amla

Amla or gooseberry is the most effective herb to treat from eye disorders; it is rich source of vitamin C. You can eat Amla or gooseberry in any form such as powder, capsule or tablet, jam or drink the juice.

How To Prepare Amla Juice At Home

You can also drink fresh amla juice with honey on daily morning. Or you can take a teaspoon of amla powder with water at night before sleeping. Amla is the best tonic to stay healthy and improve your eyesight fast.

4. Bilberry (Vaccinium Myrtillus)

Bilberry is an excellent antioxidant herb that helps to stimulate blood flow of human body. It is works to strengthen blood vessels and also increase retinal pigments that protect your eyes from harmful content as free radicals. This is the best remedy for night blindness and weak eyesight. Eat fresh bilberries every day to improve your vision.

5. Carrot

Carrot is one of the most effective home remedy for weak eyesight. It is rich of nutrients and vitamins; especially phosphorous, vitamin A, calcium and iron. You can eat raw carrots as salad; or you can drink carrot juice daily on a regular basis to get effective results.

6. Eyes Exercises

Exercise is the best way to improve eyes muscles and stimulate blood flow. Several eye excises are available here to improve your eyesight. You must try them to quickly recover from bad eyesight.

Most Effective Natural Exercises To Improve Eyesight

7. Healthy Diet

Healthy and nutrients diet is plays the most important role to have better eyesight. So it is important to get a healthy and balancing diet. You must include vitamin A supplements into your daily diet routine.

Some useful herbs and fruits are carrot juice, fish oil, eggs, milk, nuts, dry fruits, nut beans, cabbage, salad, green vegetables, lemon and fruits.

8. Barefoot Walking

Walking is most important part for human being; it should be included as a daily routine. It is more effective for eyes when walking in the morning along with barefoot on green grass. If you decided to gain your eye power once again then stay tuned to walking barefoot.

Another Effective Remedies & Herbs To Improve Eyesight 
1. You can use black pepper with cow’s butter; it has an effective treatment of weak eyesight.

2. Wash properly your eyes thrice in a day along with keep water in mouth.

3. Take a plenty of sleep; it is necessary to give some rest to eyes.

4. Wash the eyes on every morning with cow’s urine.

5. Drop cow’s butter (Ghee) in your eyes at night before you goes to sleep.

6. Take more nutrition diets and proper foods.

7. Eat more vitamins and protein supplements.

8. Eat proper and balance diet including green leafy vegetables, salad and fruits.

9. Try some mandatory eyes exercises to get rid of weak eyesight and glasses.

10. Keep prevents your eyes from harmful or chemical content.

Special Advice

  • Don’t rubbing hardly the eyes with hands.
  • Take care of eyes from direct sun rays.
  • Take more vitamin C supplements.
  • Keep water in your mouth, when you are wash your face and water should be spraying on eyes.
  • Avoid fried, oily, spicy and fast foods.
  • Stop smoking and drinking of alcohol.
  • Avoid stress and stay cool.

Finally hoping, these natural treatments will helpful and effective to you. You can also make comment for any suggestion or query.

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