How Onion Skin are You

We need to be sensitive.

People have their own distinct personality, it can be extrovert or introvert. They have their reasons to be different in the eyes of other people. Being insensitive is one of the hated behavior for a particular individual. It shows the over rated “me, myself and I” personality, never tried to intrude their life by any concerned people. Regardless, it applies to some extent scenario like showing empathy for not to affect oneself. On the other hand, some people can still be sensitive. It seems a very ideal personality. If it is overdo, then appears so irritating. They have the tendency to feel so important. Every words and actions should be according to his or her standard. It implies that he or she has the perfect world. Thus we need to be open-minded on this, being in other people, you need to be flexible enough to with stand the differences.

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