How to Control Nervous Symptoms to Avoid a Setback

Former nervous patients live in fear of the return of nervous symptoms. That fear could lead to a setback. Learn how to prevent the dreaded setback.

After a nervous patient recovers, symptoms often reoccur. The intensity of the symptoms experienced may not be as strong as they once were, may not be as intense, and the duration of the symptoms usually is shorter. 
But the return of even mild former symptoms can be occasion for a setback in which those symptoms intensify due to the fear that the return of symptoms means a return of the illness. 

Those nervous symptoms are a nagging reminder that the sufferer once had to endure severe agony.

The return of a nervous ailment gives force to the stigma of nervous illness.  “Once nervously ill, always nervously ill” becomes a stuck thought in the tired brain of the afflicted.
The stigma causes the nervous patient to distrust Self. The return of nervous symptoms causes the nervous patient to lose hope.  How can one rely on a Self that produces nervous symptoms?

An inkling of a former nervous system DOES NOT mean that the one having them is still a nervous patient!
The return of nervous symptoms does not mean that the former nervous illness has returned!  Those nervous symptoms are shared by average persons too.  Humans have periodic nervous reactions that include tenseness, self-consciousness, and doubt regarding their abilities.
Average humans who are not nervous patients have nervous reactions too!
Nervous patients need to learn that nervous symptoms are average occurrences in all humans.  Also, nervous patients must replace their fearful thoughts regarding recurrence of a nervous illness with the secure thought that the present nervous disturbance is merely a momentary and infrequent phase of their basically balanced behavior.
Swapping the insecure thought with the secure thought mentioned above develops a sense of security.  With security, nervous symptoms are quite mild, of short duration, and few and far between.

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