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How to Find a Fuck Buddy

If you’re a single guy that’s not looking for a serious or committed relationship then you’re going to want to have a fuck buddy. This is the best non-committal relationship a guy could have if they’re not looking to settle down at the moment. You’re able to text them whenever you want and go to their place or vice versa for sex. And the great part is that that’s all you need to do. No dinner date or sleepovers, you’re free to just see them for the purpose of sex and then go home. This is all made possible because you and she have an agreement for having sex together whenever you want without emotions. The great part is you both know where you stand so you won’t have to run the risk of hurting her feels and vice versa. Sounds pretty great right? So if you’re interested in having a fuck buddy, well, it’s about time you learned how to find yourself one.

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Make sure there’s a connection

It doesn’t really matter where or how you met her but what’s important is that there’s a connection between you two. It doesn’t have to be a strong and wild one but you two have to have some rapport. If it’s just a one-night stand, you don’t need to know that much about her but if you’re to sleep with her on a regular basis, well, you need to have a basic relationship with her and genuinely like her as a person. If not, the sex just won’t be as good.

How do you know her?

If she’s your friend and you want to sleep with her, well, that is dangerous territory and usually doesn’t end very well. So, it’s important when it comes to how you met her. Ideally, this person should be someone you don’t have any ties to such as a girl from school or a girl you met at the club/bar. That way, things are kept easy and uncomplicated which is exactly what you want in a fuck buddy relationship: easy. So, focus on having a fuck buddy with minimal ties to, it makes everything easy from there.

What is her relationship status

This is important and you need to know where she stands with that if not, it can get messy. Ask her if she’s seeing anyone else or if she’s looking for a serious relationship. If she’s interested in a serious relationship then she’s probably not someone you want to have casual sex with as there’s a higher chance that she’ll become emotionally attached. Now, if she’s completely single and isn’t interested in seriously dating anyone, well, this girl is perfect for a fuck buddy relationship.

Be honest with her

If you want this to work out for you, honesty is necessary. Don’t tell her you’re looking for a serious relationship when you’re not because that’s a dick move and you’re going to really hurt her. Be honest with her and your intentions because it’s just the right thing to do. You need to find someone who wants the same thing as you. In addition, you also need to tell her what you like sexually and vice versa, that way, you both know what the other person is into.

Keep it on the DL

This isn’t something you want to be announcing to the entire town. This is something private between the both of you. That way, you both can continue seeing other people without everyone knowing that you’re having casual sex with each other. This will only cause complications.

Friends With Benefits Advice

Have personal boundaries

Women aren’t the only ones that are known to fall for their fuck buddy. Remember, men are also emotional and it’s easy for you to fall for a woman you’re sleeping with. This is why if you want to keep it casual, you need to have boundaries. This means that you shouldn’t sleepover at each other’s houses, you shouldn’t hang out outside of sex and you should have a limit on how many times you see each other. Ideally, you should not be sleeping together more than two times a week. If you exceed that, you run the risk of getting emotionally attached which isn’t something that either of you signed up for.

Wear protection

You don’t know what she’s doing in the rest of her spare time and she doesn’t know what you’re doing. For all you know, she could have a couple guys that she’s sleeping with and vice versa. This is why when it comes to casual sex, you need to wear protection. Make sure that you eliminate the chances of contracting any STIs because when it comes to casual sex, they’re not hard to catch, so be smart.

It’s going to end

Here’s the thing, you have a fuck buddy but don’t get too comfortable because, at one point, it’s going to end. These relationships are short-lived because they’re simply based on sex. Both of you will eventually become bored with each other because there’s nothing emotional to connect the both of you. Usually, they only last a couple of months, so when it does end, don’t be sad or disappointed, it was never meant to last anyways. Now, you just need to find a new fuck buddy.

Tell her if you’re dating someone

If you like someone else and you’re going to date them, you need to tell her. That way, she’s not confused when you suddenly go quiet and ignore all her texts. Plus, don’t keep sleeping with her if you’re dating someone else, this is plain out cheating and it’s disrespectful to both women. Just because you told her you’re dating someone else doesn’t mean you can’t sleep with her again in the future - if this new relationship doesn’t work out. In fact, she’ll respect you more if you’re up front and honest with her.

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