How to Get Good Sleep?

For enjoying good sleep & maximum benefit to the health the following should be maintained-

1.  Avoid mental work or excitement before going to bed.

2.  Always go to bed at fixed time (develop sleep reflex).

3.  Avoid going to bed with full or empty stomach.

4.  In cold countries a warm bath before going to bed is helpful.

5.  Bed should be comfortable with soft pillow & too hard bedding.

6.  Dress should be comfortable.

7.  It is good to have pleasant thoughts supplemented by prayers to God before sleeping.

Additional care-

1.  Mind is to be trained to be at rest when one intends to go to bed.

2.  Sensitive persons must avoid tea or coffee in the evening at night.

3.  A tumbler of milk, as per one’s taste followed by through rinsing of mouth at bed time or a warm bath may help in many cases.

4.  Indigestion or any kind of bowel upset, fermentation & gas formation is to be avoided & thoroughly treated.

5.  Any constitutional disease like high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, brain complaints or nervous disorders etc., should be adequately treated.

6.  Regular practice of taking sleeping pill or draught should be avoided.

7.  One must keep lying in bed quietly with eyes closed to enable him to get some amount of physical rest.

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