How to Get Rid of Sun Tanning and Improve Your Complexion

Sun tanning causes a big problem for our skin. It may cause skin diseases and skin cancer too.

Sun tanning causes a big problem for our skin. It may cause skin diseases and skin cancer too. Sun tanning caused due to dangerous Ultraviolet rays of sun, these UV rays attack on our skin and damage the beauty of our skin. There is a layer of melanin under the skin, when these UV rays attack on skin, the melanin pigmentation absorb all the UV rays and make that part of skin shady. It protects our body up to an extent.

UV rays which are really harmful for us ,these also fulfill the deficiency of vitamin D and protect us from rickets which is a disease caused due to deficiency of vitamin D,but the excessive exposure to UV rays are harmful for our skin and makes our skin darker which is not desirable for all the human being. Because tanning is like that one part of our skin is darker and other part is not darker which looks ugly. It not also damages the skin of human being but also their beauty. Firstly we should have to take precautions that how we can protect our body from tanning and follow how to remove this tanning.

Precautions should be taken

Don’t do shopping or moving in markets between 1 O’clock to 3 o’clock. Because at this time UV are so harmful than remaining time.

If you go on beach or any other place on your vichels you should take a scarf or hat or gloves so that you can cover your whole body and not a single part of your skin is attacked by the sun’s rays.

If you are pedalist then don’t hesitate to take an umbrella with you. It will protect you from tanning.

Prefer a branded or good sunscreen  lotion. When you go outside, apply lotion on body and then go.

How  to remove sun tanning

You can use aloe-Vera on your skin, it is so cool. It will give relax to your skin.

Cucumber is also a great coolent ,it also helps to you to remove sun taning.

 Apply baking powder on the tannend part of your skin. Lime juice is also helpful to you.

Natural tan can be remove from the skin by using body scrubber.

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