How to Maintain Good Health in Order to Stay Fit

Having a healthy body is the desire of everyone, including me. With a healthy body will add to the vibrancy and activities will run smoothly and in accordance with our expectations. Another advantage of having a healthy body that we do not have to - paced to the doctor and spend a lot of time and expense to buy drugs at. By having a healthy body then bersukurlah to God who has given us health.

        The meaning of that is healthy when we are able to keep the immune system from a variety of disease conditions that any time myerang endurance you, Among them are fever, flu, cough and much more.

Therefore we must be smart - smart maintaining healthy to stay fit and fit, here are some ways to maintain health:

- Try though you really - really busy take time to rest enough. 

- Remain positive thinking when you confront a problem, this is very important because in a healthy body there is a quiet mind. 

- Take time to exercise, it is intended that you keep your body fit and healthy. 

- Pay attention to the food and drink you consume is already clean? Avoid raw foods (not seteril). 

- Adjust your eating, eating too much is not a good thing, this will have an impact on obesity (Obsitas), body fat benyak disease prone. 

- Papers fruit - fruits and vegetables - vegetables or fibrous foods, fruits - fruits and vegetables contain lots of vitamins and can facilitate defecation. 

- If possible take vitamins, especially vitamin D because vitamin D is useful to stimulate immune cells that would prevent viruses and bacteria. Vitamin D can be found in sunshine, fish, eggs and liver. 

 Healthy is expensive even priceless, so clever - pintarlah in maintaining a healthy body

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