How to Maintain Vibrant Skin

Skin is the external surface that attracts other people.

The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin which scales off and is replaced by its cell below. The dermis is the inner layer of the skin. The nerve endings transmit the contact. The information is transmitted to the spinal cord which sends the message to the brain where the feeling is registered. Thus we need to maintain the vibrant skin throughout the aging process.

1. Wash your skin at least once a day with mild soap and water.
2. Choose the right soap for your skin to avoid skin irritations.
3. For oily skin, wash the oily areas of the skin at least twice a day and avoid oil-based cosmetics.
4. Avoid touching or squeezing your pimples. It would only worsen the condition and may result in unwanted scars.
5. Perspiration is itself odorless, but with the presence of the bacteria in the skin, it gives off unpleasant body odor. Get rid of the bacteria on your skin by washing daily with soap and water and by wearing clean clothes every day.

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