How to Make a Ginger Poultice

There are many ginger remedies and common uses of ginger. Some ginger remedies use a ginger poultice to make use of ginger benefits. Ginger poultices can be used to relieve lung or throat congestion.

There are many common uses of ginger. Some ginger remedies use a ginger poultice or ginger tea to make use of ginger benefits. A ginger poultice can be used to relieve lung or throat congestion. Ginger remedies using a ginger poultice also help to reduce swelling in the tonsils.

Video-Topical Application of Ginger and Other Herbs

Ginger remedies and common uses of ginger have been passed down for generations in many cultures.

There are ginger benefits related to baldness. For baldness, pulverize fresh ginger and apply as a poultice to the head three times daily.

Using a Ginger Poultice

There are ginger remedies for symptoms of the flu and the common cold. For chest congestion, a ginger poultice on the chest breaks up congestion and makes it easier to breathe. Onion is also good for this purpose. This poultice can be made with one chopped onion and 1/4 cup of grated, fresh ginger. The two can be cooked together in a little water until they are soft, then crushed and applied to the chest while still warm.

Making a Ginger Poultice

In some countries, fresh ginger for use in ginger remedies is not readily available. Crystallized ginger and ginger powder can be used as a substitute for fresh ginger in ginger remedies. Ginger powder can also be used to make a poultice, although the method is different from when you are using fresh ginger.

To use dried ginger in ginger remedies, first pound it into a powder if it is not already in powder form, then add enough water to the ginger powder to make a thick paste. Make enough paste to cover the area you plan to apply it to. Spread the paste on a clean rectangle of linen or cotton. Clean the skin of the affected area with hydrogen peroxide or whatever cleaning agent you normally keep in your medicine cabinet. Then, place the ginger poultice over the area.

Ginger is a natural blood thinner and stimulates blood flow because it is a vasodilator (expands the diameter of the blood vessels), so it should be avoided by persons- who may suffer adversely from these effects. For example pregnant women find relief from nausea and vomiting when they take 1 gram daily of ginger-for example by drinking ginger tea- but it is recommended that this not be done for more than 4 days.

Ginger tea is delicious, although persons may find that since ginger tea has an astringent effect, it burns the throat. Ginger tea is easy to prepare and various ginger health benefits can be enjoyed by drinking ginger tea daily.

Persons who are about to undergo surgery and children under the age of two years should also avoid taking ginger.

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