How to Make a Girl Want You and Think Of You Sexually

If you’re pining over a girl but don’t know how to get her to want you, then there are some simple steps you can follow to get her thinking of you sexually. It’s really easy to draw girls in with your personality and charms, but that can just as easily land you in the friend zone. In order to change that, she has to desire you as well as like you.

Girls really love guys who are a lot of fun to be around and make them laugh. But they don’t generally fall for all of those guys because, let’s face it, they’re everywhere. In order to get the girl, especially if she’s gorgeous, you have to do a little work because they aren’t just going to want to jump your bones as soon as they see you no matter how handsome you are. Unless they’re after that at the moment, but that’s for another discussion.

Don’t be one of those guys to is too afraid to make a move and misses out, and don’t jump in too soon or she’ll avoid you to keep things from being awkward. There’s a nice, easy balance you can find if you just pay attention to what you’re about to read. Here are ten easy steps to make a girl want to get you naked and, trust me, they’ll work.

1. Be a good friend of hers

Here’s one of those thin lines. Being a girl’s friend is one of the easiest ways in there is. But don’t be her confidant. Be there for her when you’re around, but don’t go running every time she needs you. Talk about light-hearted things like the current event and music, not her deepest secrets and desires.

Focus on her when she’s around, but make sure that she sees you talking to and flirting with other women every once in awhile. To walk the line, she has to enjoy your company but not feel like you’re an indispensable friend, because that’s how you get stuck in the friend zone. No woman wants to chance a relationship costing her a great friend.

2. Try to only spend time with her when she’s by herself

Hanging out with a group of her friends will just root you further into the friend zone because you’ll be “one of the guys.” If her other friends are with her, then just say a quick hello and move on. If she’s alone, then you can talk discreetly and try some flirting.

Your goal is to make her feel warm and a little awkward, but nice, when you’re hanging out together. Treat her just like you would treat her if she were your girlfriend, just don’t ever call it that or think that you’re there because you’re not. It’s just a baseline of behavior guidelines for you to follow.

For heaven’s sake, please offer to walk her to her car or give her a non-creepy ride home without expecting to be asked in. Before you pull away, make sure she gets in her door safely. Women pay attention to men who are willing to protect them without expecting compensation. Those little extra efforts will go a long way in her eyes.

3. Do not, I repeat DO NOT act jealous or possessive of her

No matter how much you like her, you don’t own her so do not act like you do. She’s not even your girlfriend so you can bite you tongue and dig your fingernails into your hands if you want, but do not show any discomfort when other guys are talking to her.

Trust me, if you do, you’ll cause her to walk away and quickly. Have your own life, but dedicate some time to her when you bump into each other or have a little time alone. Do not sew yourself to her hip because women hate that and she’ll never fall for you. She needs time for herself too.

4. Be her secret life

Only spend time with her and flirt when you’re alone. Create your own little time block that no one else knows about and you’ll make the relationship a lot more exciting and thrilling for her.

To do this best, become a part of her life by talking in private, texting frequently at night when she’s alone, sharing and telling secrets, and doing everything a couple would do.

If it’s a secret relationship, she won’t hesitate to take it to the next level because she won’t have to worry about what her friends and family would think about her jumping in. It will take some of the pressure off of her.

5. Give her time to miss you

Once you’ve established a baseline for your relationship, pull back a little. Call her every night for a week and then skip a day. If she messages, call, or asks you the next day why you didn’t call her, then she missed you.

When you answer, flirtingly ask if she missed your call and she’ll realize that she did. (But she may not admit it.) This can be a lot of fun if done correctly and not in a testing kind of way. Do not say anything like “I didn’t call on purpose to see if you would call me” because that sounds like a mind game and makes you a weird person.

6. Make a few confessions

Girls will open up by hearing and telling sexual confessions, but they won’t jump right into it all by themselves. It’s your job to warm her up to the conversation and get her in the right mindset. It’s pretty simple to do, just make it a point during one of your late-night calls to tell her that you ran into an ex who was a super horny wild cat.

She will be curious, as all girls are, and want to know a little more about the wild ex. This is a great time to get into a few details about your sex life in a way that won’t send her running for the hills. Start out patient and funny, and then add in more descriptive details.

As the conversation goes on, you can add in the erotic horny parts. If you do it right, and talk softly while spinning your erotic tale, then she won’t be able to help but visualize you naked. Not only that, but she’ll be dying to get you naked and try out a few of those moves.

7. Get her to talk sex with you

If she got reeled in by your sexy story, then ask her about an erotic experience from her past. If you did the story right, then she’s definitely turned on and won’t mind dishing out the dirt in exchange. If she hesitates, pester her just a little bit.

No, do not ask her repeatedly like a thirsty teenage boy, just nudge her a little and see if she bites. When she’s telling her story, gasp like you’re completely pulled in and talk like you’re imagining the entire scenario. By the end of the story, you’ll both be majorly turned on which will be great for the next step.

8. Do it over the phone

You may be thinking it’s hard to get a girl to talk sex over the phone, but those nighttime conversations can work wonders and it’s actually way easier than you’d ever think. After you’ve talked about your sexy pasts, it’s time to get you into the picture. Throw her a compliment about her story and how she was a naughty girlfriend.

Add in that you think it would have been amazing if you were her boyfriend. If you say that, then you’ll ignite a fire of lust because she’ll know exactly where the conversation is heading. Start talking dirty to her and get her to do it back. Just speak softly and slowly. Most importantly, don’t get overzealous and keep those dirty questions going. She’ll follow your lead.

9. Surely you know that phone sex comes with the dirty talk, right?

If you’ve passed the steps above, then you’re both about ready to explode. Just say “I wish I was there right now, there’s so much I would want to do…” If she softly whispers and asks you what you would do, then you’ve got lift off. That is a girl’s way of saying “let’s have phone sex. I’m all in.”

Start off easy like saying you would kiss her neck and describe everything that follows in complete detail. Don’t say anything about kissing her lips though because it might be too personal for her right off the bat. Before you know it, you’ll both be talking and very busy otherwise.

10. After you’re both on your phone sex high, don’t just end the phone call

Ask her to meet you the next day for dinner or a drink and she’ll be too horny and worked up to say no. She’ll definitely be thinking about you in bed and she will only have one thing on her mind when she sees you the next day.

Be sure to get a laugh or two out of her immediately to break up and awkwardness she may be feeling after being so vulnerable over the phone because women tend to do that.

If you’ve followed all the steps above then you’re surely drinking wine on the patio in the middle of the night with a lovely lady sitting beside you.

Just remember not to abandon everything you’ve learned if you want to keep the relationship going. She got into bed with sexy, confident you. Don’t give her possessive, arrogant you afterwards. Good luck!

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