How to Overcome Obstacles in Life

Learn how to overcome obstacles in life by maintaining a positive and productive mentality.

Persistence is important. Without it you risk quitting too easily or too early. In some situations however, it is important to stop doing something when you hit a dead end.

The situations that require persistence or not are not easily perceptible because it depends on personal goals and passions, but intuition will help you out. When you hit a dead end and know that your time and effort are better spent elsewhere, then you need to stop pushing.

Cease all efforts and direct them towards more productive endeavours. Time wasted is never gained back.

It is true that life hands us all loads to carry. They are of different weights too, with some heavier and some lighter.

I’ve come to realise that it is not the load itself that breaks a person down and causes him to not be able to take another step forward. It is how that person carries the load.

There are many ways to carry a load. You can carry it all at once, if it is not too heavy for you. Or you can carry it bit by bit, making slow but sure progress. Pick the method that’s right for you.

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