How to Overcome Your Fear of Swimming

We are all born without fear of water, that fear or anxiety is something some of us develop as we grow.

We are all born without fear of water, that fear or anxiety is something some of us develop as we grow. I’m sure individuals remember one time or another saw a baby swimming happily, it never has occurred to them that they may sink. For an adult, their fear seems so stupid when they watch children around them jumping with equal success in and out of the water. Yet this fear is all too real. 

People describe their fears in different ways. Someone told me the other day that he had somehow thought that his body was simply not designed to float, it actually had a negative buoyancy. He acknowledged the impossibility of this and yet is still limited in the grips of this erroneous thought process. He knew that it was not fair, he knew that if you’re in the bathroom, you can simply let go of your arms and your legs will naturally float to surface, yet his expectation was still that of “negative buoyancy”. 

I was struck by this rather unusual phraseology. Most people would just say they had a fear of falling. But this gentleman was very precise in its physiology as suffering from “negative buoyancy”. This actually served to complicate its problems. You may wonder why I say this, let me emphasize this point. 

If you simply think you have a fear of falling, you’re saying essentially that the problem is entirely in your mind. Thinking that you suffer from “negative buoyancy” This means that you have a physical problem and that no matter how you choose to believe that in May you would not be able to overcome this physical handicap. It is interesting to note that ‘Despite thinking it was a physical problem, it was always open to the idea of hypnotherapy … so maybe he was not quite as convinced of the potential causes of physical incapacity to swim as his words implied.

Needless to say, the physiology of each is similar in that it is indeed naturally bearer. I use it simply as an example of how we can convince a result of their fear. Most people prefer to seek a physical cause, as opposed to a more mental. It is often found among those who are afraid of flying; Almost everyone with this fear, could say they are afraid of the plane that crashed … and yet they feel comfortable allowing their spouses and children to fly … which of course they would feel anything but happy if they thought the plane would fall down. 

It seems that we like to look good cause of our fears and in this case justify in our own minds, and those around us. But in doing so, we spend a lot of time to deepen our fears and pushing more in our psyche. And whatever we spend time focusing on creating an expectation. These expectations invoke powerful emotions which, in turn, attract what we focus on our reality. Our fear and the justification thereof, creates a negative cycle.

To break this cycle must have an open mind, a willingness to examine his beliefs, to look at things from a different angle. Ask yourself the question: “if everything you thought was wrong was in fact right?” And vice versa. If you have a fear, although you have yourself convinced that May has a cause physical, be open to the idea that it may instead be the result of a thought process wrong. 

Whatever you fear, they can be overcome with a little help. Hypnosis is the perfect vehicle for creating positive change. It is a state of relaxation and allows access to your subconscious mind. It is perfectly normal and natural and you can learn to use self-hypnosis easily and quickly with the help of hypnosis downloads inexpensive. (You can download free from the hypnosis on my site and start now.) The ability to access your subconscious mind is important when you want to change a deeply ingrained thought process – fears and phobias are not something you consciously you think they are powered by your subconscious, they are automatic, instinctive thought processes. 

So with hypnosis downloads you can learn to relax, take and take a step back and access your subconscious. Suggestions can be made to them so you can see things in a different light and you can imagine acting differently, as a calm and relaxed, free from fear. Returning to our swimmers who would have thought he was suffering from “negative buoyancy” This erroneous thinking can be changed quickly and it will soon imagine that his body is the body as light as possible and dynamic and that it is easy and natural to float and that water is just there to support him. All this can be achieved quickly, easily and painlessly just by listening to hypnosis downloads. 

Overcome your fear of swimming and jumping in with both feet …

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