How to Prepare Healthy Recipes for Your Baby

Preparing healthy meals for a baby is not so difficult when you know the right methods and the right nutrition needs of your baby’s age.

The type of food served, and the way it is prepared should vary at different ages. This is to ensure that your baby’s diet is consistent with the development of her teeth, muscles and ability to chew.

For baby age 4 to 6 months, you can prepare a vegetable juice. Simply choose a variety of vegetable, such as mustard leaves, spinach, French beans, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, potato, sweet potato, pumpkin or carrot.

After you have chosen your vegetables, wash it cleanly and properly under running water. Then cut the vegetables into small cubes or pieces and place the vegetables into a clean pot.

Add about 2/3 cup plain water into the pot and boil the vegetable for approximately 5 minutes or until the vegetable s are tender.

As for potato, sweet potato or pumpkin you need to boil it longer, approximately 10 to 20 minutes. Wait for a while until the boiled vegetables cool a bit, only then filter the juice through a sieve (to squeeze out excess juice, simply press the boiled vegetables with a spoon). Finally, serve the juice to your baby in a baby cup.

You can also prepare a fruit juice for baby age 6 to 10 months. To prepare a fruit juice for your baby is just the same as preparing a fruit juice for an adult; by blending the fruit (except for an orange where you only need to squeeze it with your bare hand or using the citrus juicer).

The only difference is in preparing a fruit juice for adult you can mix the fruit juice with anything you want, such as sugar, honey, liquor, eggs or milk. But for a baby age 6 to 10 months it is advisable NOT to add anything in the fruit juice, simply make the fruit juice as pure as it can be; and don’t forget to filter the fruit juice through a sieve after you have blended it. The fruit juice can be served to your baby using a baby cup.

For non-solid meals, for baby age 4 to 8 months, you can try a fruit puree. Here is how you can prepare a fruit puree for your 4 to 8 months baby; the first step you have to do is choose your fruit.

You can choose an apple, pears, avocado, banana, honeydew, papaya or a mango. Then clean the fruit thoroughly under running water before you peel the fruit skin, remove the core and seeds (if any).

After that, cut the fruit into cubes or medium-sized pieces. Then steam the fruit pieces until it soft. If you are using soft fruit such as banana or mango, you can skip the steaming process. Next, blend or mash the steamed fruit.

However, the mashing technique is not suitable for baby age below 6 months. Finally, mix the blended or mashed fruit with breast milk (if you are breast feeding) or simply mix it with plain boiled water to make the blended fruit softer and runny.

A mash fruits can be given to a 6 to 10 months baby. The process of preparing a mash fruits is just as the same as preparing the fruit puree. Simply skip the blending process and replace it with the mashing process. You can mash the boiled fruits using the kitchen masher or simply use a fork for instead.

Last but not least, here is a simple tip for parents, in preparing meals for your baby; you have to use baby-friendly utensils. This can be done by using separate set of plastic or stainless steel kitchen utensils (such as blender or sieve) to prepare baby’s food as your day-use utensils may be rusty or contain traces of adults food (like chili or spices) that are not suitable for baby.

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