How to Start Feeling Happy Instead of Grumpy All The Time

Here are three ways to become happy again!

Have you been waking up grumpy and feeling that way all day? Are you taking it out on others?Are you sad but not antidepressant sad.

Here are three tips to help you smile again.

There are studies that say doodling , maybe on the phone

or while watching TV

It works because it gets rid of your stress. The doodling can be anything , but researchers say you can double the benefit  of doodling a lot more  if you are doodling smile faces.

After you doodle of your own smile faces  your be your happy self again  and not be in as many bad moods if you doodle all the time.

Scientists did brain scans of people when they wore the color orange

it makes parts of your brain that make you happier activated. So buy that orange dress you saw, get an orange umbrella for the spring rains, or buy that cute orange color sweater for summer for cooler evenings. If you want to make yourself more cheerful every day paint a room in your house in some shade of orange. An idea. Paint your living room white, get a white couch then accent with bright orange throw pillows that match the wall colors . Maybe crochet, if you can, an orange afghan to put on the couch or a nice fluffy orange blanet and hang one of them over the back of your couch.

You should rely on your sense of smell because smell belongs to your emotions .So you should smell something that has memories of something great such as the perfume you remember s,elling on your beloved grandmother.

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