Ideas That Slip Your Mind

How today’s lifestyle can make it easy to forget things and ideas. Learn how this happens.

With all the busy schedules and so much work to do, it is so easy for ideas to slip your mind. I mean, one minute you are thinking about something and the next you think about something else and forget the first thing.

It is probably something that happens to most of us and we only have to deal with it as we individually see fit.

The mind is a fascinating thing though. So useful and powerful, but weak at the most inappropriate times too.

You think of an idea; something that you want to do at a specific time. You commit that thought to memory (or so you think) and move on to think on other things.

When the time comes for you to do that task, it slips your mind and you forget to do it. That is an inconvenience.

The mind makes up for it however (though it would be a bit late) by reminding you of the task, a long while after you had to do it.

Better late than never, I guess.

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