Importance of First Aid Kit Always at Home

Who wants Little pain, slipped or fell while being engrossed in playing his tricycle on the home page? Laughter exhilaration will disappear, and then replaced with a sad face crying hard to stop. As first aid, Dad should be alert to the medicine box containing supplies to treat Little if anything untoward happens at home.

Want to know what to prepare father as protection for Little? Here’s the list!

    When Little was injured:

    Disposable sterile gloves and antiseptic hand sanitizer for Dad to remain sterile when cleaning wounds
    Drug wound antiseptic to treat minor injuries
    Alcohol for cleaning wounds to prevent infection
    Plaster with funny pictures to cover the wound
    Scissors and small pencapit
    Large bandages for wounds
    Antiseptic cream for cuts Little burns if exposed to light

When Little fever:

    Fever-lowering drugs, such as paracetamol may be used when he had a fever or headache.
    Thermometer to measure body temperature when fever
    Practical tool to reduce fever compress Little

    Other Conditions:

    Antiseptic wet wipes that Dad always clean hands when handling the Grassroots
    Insect repellent lotion that he avoid mosquito bites naughty
    Ointments for rash if Little prone skin rashes
    Important phone numbers such as pediatricians and hospital nearby

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