Know a Person by The Way He Talks

By studying the way a person talks, you can learn a lot about their character.

You can make a judgement on a person’s character by looking at the way they dress or the way they carry themselves. That is when you are not in a position to speak with them.

When you actually speak with the person, you might find your previous assessment to be a inaccurate. This is because when a person speaks, you can pick up a lot about them. Their tone of voice, their choice of words and the size of their vocabulary all add up to form their character, and help you to know more about them.

There are some people that like to use the other way to say no. The one that doesn’t include actually saying the word “No”.

Maybe it is because they are shy or scared of using the word, or arrogant. They avoid the question and act as if they didn’t hear it or didn’t understand it. They put it off till later (and, of course, later never comes).

They “forget” to respond to emails or voice messages, as they put it. In other words, they do nothing toward answering your question. They just leave you to get the hint and move on.

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