Know About Appendicitis and How to Prevent It

Patients expressed appendicitis in case of total blockage in the lumen of the appendix.

Appendicitis is one of the diseases that require surgery or surgery as a cure step. The pain that is sometimes lost makes people often underestimate this disease, but the pain that strikes would make the person suffer pain experienced very troublesome. So, it is better to know before coming pain symptoms that interfere. What are the causes and symptoms of appendicitis is this?

Patients expressed appendicitis in case of total blockage in the lumen of the appendix. General terms frequently encountered its stopper are grains such as cashew, tomatoes or peppers.

Symptoms of appendicitis

If you experience frequent abdominal pain, abdominal pain try to check whether you are the same as the symptoms of appendicitis following:

 – Pain in the navel and solar plexus, which sometimes comes and sometimes lost.
 – Next will feel pain on the right side of the abdomen a few hours after the first symptoms. Pain with strong intensity and even accompanied by fever sufferers. Body temperature can reach 39 degrees Celsius and settled.
 – Pain in the abdomen is also accompanied by nausea and bloating. Nausea can also cause vomiting if patient stomach filled food.

Check appendicitis

To ascertain whether these symptoms are an indication of the appendix, medics usually are undertaking investigations to ascertain the diagnosis. Investigations are usually carried out with abdominal ultrasound, radio logic examination, and laboratory tests and urine.

In urine, the checks carried out by looking at whether the number of leukocytes or erythrocytes in the appendix exceeds the normal range or not. Excess amounts of eristrosit and leukocytes may indicate inflammation of the appendix.

An Appendectomy

In the case of appendicitis, healing done by surgery. There are two ways appendectomy to do. The first, called the second Appendectomy Conventional and Laparoscopic Appendectomy manner.

Conventional Appendectomy be performed in patients with normal weight. Whereas if patients are overweight or obese, then Appendectomy Laparoscopic surgery is done.

Implementation of surgery can not be done directly, because there are terms, conditions have improved the patient’s body. Terms condition of the patient before surgery is the patient’s body temperature should not be more than 38 degrees Celsius, normal urine discharge is 1-2 ml / kg per hour and pulse rate below 120 beats / min.

Appendix in Children

The appendix can also afflict children and even babies. In children and infants early diagnosis is difficult, moreover if impinge on children, the risk becomes greater as more young age of the patient, the greater the likelihood of complications in surgery rips. So, it is better to prevent this disease befall your child.

By knowing the symptoms of appendicitis from the beginning, you will be easier to take immediate action in order to appendicitis is not protracted.

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