Latest Research on High Blood Pressure

If you are interested in controlling your high blood pressure, you might need look no further than your diet. Research tells us that we have more control of our blood pressure than we think.

Vegetarians tend to have better blood pressure readings than those who eat meat. Researcher Ian L. Rouse, M.D. was so impressed with the findings that he began a research project of people on a meat free diet.

He switched 60 volunteers that were meat eaters and had a higher than normal blood pressure to a meat free diet, keeping a close check on blood pressure. After six weeks on a meat free diet blood pressures had fallen to a normal range. Neither sodium or potassium intakes could explain the difference.

Dr. Rouse contributed the lower blood pressures to a more favorable balance of polyunsaturated fat and saturated fat. The diet is essentially the same as a cholesterol lowering diet.Olive oil, vegetables, whole grain and fruit should be eaten plentifully and meat and dairy fats should be taken lightly if at all. Skim has as much calcium as whole milk, so switching only leaves out the fat, and not calcium.

Anyone suffering from elevated blood pressure can in most cases bring blood pressure down close to normal by losing excess weight and eating a meat free diet.Talk to your doctor before going on any diet plan. You might have other health issues to consider

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