Least Likely Time to Get Pregnant

It is important to understand the menstrual cycle when determining when is the least likely time to get pregnant is. The start and end of a menstrual cycle is at the beginning of the period. Many people choose to not use birth control and will find benefit in learning what days are the more and least safe time to have unprotected sex.

Least Likely Time to Get Pregnant

Immediately before and during menstruation is the time when the body is least likely to become pregnant. At this time, there is no egg available to can be fertilized. The body is working to removing an rebuilding the endometrium. The body is also preparing to release eggs at this time. It is important to note that it is possible for strong sperm to remain viable at this time and may cause pregnancy in the future. If you absolutely are not interested in having a child, then use protection or abstain from sex throughout the month.

More Likely Time to Get Pregnant

The pre-ovulation stage comes after your period. When your vaginal discharge becomes white and creamy, then your body is signaling that your egg will be released soon. Sperm will survive longer in this mucus and may cause pregnancy during ovulation.

Most Likely Time to Get Pregnant

During the ovulation stage, which is about two weeks before your next period, is the most likely time to get pregnant. This is when the egg has been released and it ready for contact with sperm. Your body temperature may raise at this time. Silky vaginal discharge will be a signal that you may be experiencing ovulation.

Less Likely Time to Get Pregnant

Post-ovulation, which lasts between the time between ovulation on the onset of the period, is when your body stops releasing eggs for the month. Cervical mucus may create a sperm blocking plug at this time. Except for immediately before and during the period, this is the time that you are least likely to get pregnant. However, it is still possible to become pregnant at this time.

Rhythm Method

The rhythm method is a system that is used to help reduce the odds of becoming pregnant. This is often used by people whose religions or finances do not allow them to use birth control. By tracking your menstrual cycle timeline, you can determine when you are in your post-ovulation stage. While pregnancy is still possible, it is much more unlikely at this time and during the period.

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