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365 Days of Fibromyalgia. So when suffering from an illness, does not having enough money make a person sicker?

Is it true to say that someone with fibromyalgia who has enough income, may “recover” or “feel better” than someone with limited income situations? 

For myself the household income is not enough to get all the right foods and vitamins. I don’t even have health insurance, and it’s been years since I had some; hopefully that will change soon but I don’t know. Dealing with IBS makes it even harder because of course my stomach is picky, but I can’t afford to be picky. Whatever you can get to eat has to be good enough or just starve. 

Having only one person working in the household is tough, but you have to choose your life or work. I can’t work, because I’m walking around (barely) with many health risks. Just waking up to start my day or going to bed at night, sitting up trying to relax; I feel as if I’m not going to make it. 

All the time you hear people saying “try this,” “do this” how about I can’t spend money on trying or doing something I don’t know will even work for me, because I’m trying to pay rent to keel a roof over my head. Trying to keep transportation and gas in that. Let’s just say I’m doing the best I can. 

Going through very tough times at the moment and the stress is getting to me bad. Stress and hot weather do not mix. I feel horrible and the pain is becoming worst everyday no matter how much sleep I get. 

I just feel so sick lately and the root of the problem is money. Not having enough; no matter how much you work there is never enough. Living pay check to pay check is stressful living, its more life surviving.  

So when suffering from an illness, does not having enough money make a person sicker? 

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