Live Life Chemical Free!

This article suggests that in our daily life reqirement we should try to use natural substance instead of highly chemical product to keep ourself healthy and fit.

Whether we like it or not, chemicals are an integral part of our lives. They are omnipresent in the world we inhabit and the lifestyle we lead. Call it a curse of this era or a convenience factor. The fact is that a majority of us cannot do without them. However we can try giving it all up for a day. And hopefully the day can turn into one more day and into a week and then forever. .. Utopian bliss!

We begin every single day of our life with chemicals … from the toothpaste we use to put the sparkle back into our pearlies, to the soap we bathe with for that oh­so-fresh feel, to the food we gulp down en route to the door on our way to work … Think of how much better we would all feel if we eliminated chemicals from our life. Here’s how you can do it for a day. Make sure it’s a day when you are relaxed and have time on your hands because like aU the other good things in life, this too cannot be achieved in haste!


Remember the good old days when neern was the toothpaste and the toothbrush !? Yes, a twig of neern is enough to restore shine and health to your teeth. Or take a walk to the nearest market and pick up a twig of’babool’, commonly known as ‘datun’. After which, you can brush your teeth with powdered cloves and rock salt. This will freshen your breath; the salt will add shine.


Get set to become a natural beauty. Make a paste of milk cream and roughly ground wheat, and use it as a body scrub. Do not use water, leave it on for about 15 minutes and then rub off your body. Make sure you are standing in the bathroom, when you are doing this. This will make your body baby soft and clean. Next, make a smooth paste of’besan’, milk, a few strands of saffron and sandalwood oil/powder. Apply it gently all over your body and face. Relax for about 20 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. Here are some ways to add more to your bath water. Either add a cup of  milk and a cup of milk powder to warm water and use it to rinse your body or try a flower bath. Add a cup of fresh rose petals, marigold o petals and fragrant jasmine flowers  to hot water. Leave them to steep till the water is pleasant enough to bathe in. Another fragrant alternative is to add a liberal dose of sandalwood oil to the bath water. This will leave your skin moisturised and the fragrance will linger on throughout the day.

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