Lower Blood Glucose Levels

Here are a few ways to lower your blood sugar levels.

Try to consume 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon daily.

Cinnamon if used daily, in most cases, can stop blood sugar from being too high in the morning then so low at night you need to drink a glass of orange juice or piece hard candy.

It does this because cinnamon helps cells and tissues sponge up the glucose.

If you eat raisins three time a day,

they had three times a day had blood sugar levels 15% lower after a meal as opposed to those who munched another type of food three times a day.

During meal times, a Japanese study

done recently said , that those who watched a comedy,

during a meal had lower blood sugar index after the meal than those who watched a boring speech such as on thermonuclear  physics.

because a person who watched a comedy steadied and balanced your brain chemistry and this makes your body better able to metabolize your food’s sugar says a theory of  researchers.

USDA investigations say if you ingest 200 mcg each day of chromium picolinate

It converts sugar into energy and that made the amount of glucose levels lower.

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