Maintain Eye Health in Children

Keeping an eye on the health of children is considered important enough by the parents.

Keeping an eye on the health of children is considered important enough by the parents. The adage says that the eyes are the windows to the world. Maintaining eye health, in other words save the future of the child’s assets. A healthy eye is a reflection of a healthy soul, because the eye has a significant influence on the body bag. Children are active and creative individuals. High curiosity sometimes demanding to move on, sometimes they do not pay attention to the dangers around especially eye-threatening health hazards.

The Importance of Keeping Kids Healthy Eyes

    Eye is one of the vital organs for humans. Approximately 80% of the information we receive comes from the eyes. If the impaired eye, the human life also impaired. It is therefore important to maintain eye health while still a child. At age children up to the age of adolescence, the elongation of the eyeball is normal and is one of the natural process. Elongation axis will cause the refractive media is difficult to focus the beam of light so that objects on view will be focused in front of the retina. So that as we grow older, the levels of minus eye is also increasing. It is therefore important remedy maintaining eye health in children from an early age to minimize minus worsening eye disorders in children.

How to Keep Eyes Healthy Children

Here are some ways to keep children’s eye health:

  • Set visibility when reading, writing, watching television and playing computer
  • Set time playing in front of the television and computer, do not be too long
  • Avoid rubbing eyes with his hands, it is better done with a clean tissue
  • Avoid excessive eye especially pressing constantly. Too often the eyes will cause eye pressed into cylindrical
  • Avoid contact with dust and pollution

     When traveling away with using a motor vehicle, protect your children with UV glasses. In addition to the heat shield from ultra violet rays, as well as to protect your child’s eyes from dust and pollutants that can enter the eye. Diligently consume foods containing vitamin A or beta carotene such as carrots, tomatoes, avocado, pumpkin and so on. Beta carotene helps the body supplement intake of vitamin A is essential for eye health. Eye exercise. The trick is to roll your eyes in a matter of 2 times alternately eight directions. This method is able to help refresh tired eyes. Teach this to your children so that children can do when she feels tired of the eye. Invite for one day each week to rest my eyes from strenuous activity such as writing reading too long, and watching television or playing computer games. The goal is to keep your eyes healthy children so that the child’s eyes free from the television screen and the radiation burden due to the eye too often focus on a single object point.

    Diligently consume foods that contain carotenoids which are useful for keeping an eye on the health of children so that children avoid cataracts and other eye disorders. Vegetables containing karotenois include spinach, broccoli and other green vegetables also contain a lot of iron.

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