Menopause and Its Preceding Stages

Human body has many organs to support life in it. Proper functioning of these organs ensures good health. Our body organs secrete many hormones which perform specific work. Any imbalance in the secretion of these hormones can lead to many complications. Deficiency in hormones can cause the organs to stop functioning well. All the organs are interconnected if one organ fails then many other also start to give problems. When the age increases the secretion of hormones decreases and so old people face many complications and are not able to do any work. Women also face such problems when they get old.

When women get old their estrogen production decreases and which leads to vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness is a symptom of menopause which is common among women. All women face this natural phenomenon. Menopause starts when women reach their late 40’s and sometimes in their early 50’s. It is highly irregular among women; it has no fixed age to start. Menopause is termed as the stopping of menstrual flow in women. Menopause is preceded by two more stages known as pre menopause and perimenopause. Pre menopause starts when women reach their early 40’s and perimenopause starts in the early 40’s. In pre menopause the women experience a bit disturbance in their menstrual cycle. In perimenopause the disturbance in menstrual cycle and decrease in hormone secretion is more. In this period the symptoms are severe.

They symptoms of the pre menopause stage includes thinning of hair, low sex drive, depression, irritability, headaches, weight gain, infertility and many more symptoms. The perimenopause symptoms include lump in breasts, frequent change in mood, anxiousness, depression, vaginal dryness, weigh gain, sweating in night, memory failure, headaches, increase in allergies, hot flashes, increase in rate of heart beat etc. Most of the symptoms of pre menopause and perimenopause are same but in the perimenopause symptoms are very severe. Women generally panic due to the rise in the symptoms and no idea as the symptoms are not common among all women. The only common symptom faced by all women is the irregularity in the menstrual cycle. Women are advised to take medication for menopause and immediately contact the doctors when they see the symptoms of the perimenopause. Doctors advise the women to continue the medication till the problem persists. Various awareness programmes are help to make women aware of the complications due to menopause. The menopause is still an unknown fact among the women.

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