Mental Health: Alone Time is Essential to Good Health

Want to maintain good mental health? A few hours of alone time each week can go a long way.

Studies show that a few hours spent by yourself each week can ultimately result in better mental health. 

When we’re by ourselves, we not only have the opportunity to gather our thoughts, but we can relish some peace and quiet — both of which are hard to come by in this frenetic world we live in. 

Sometimes we need to block out outside noise and simply live in the comfort of our heads. When we have too much going on, we can feel irritable, stressed, and quite exhausted. 

Getting enough sleep is obviously essential, but over the course of the day, a little down time on our own keeps us even more balanced. 

Though the ideal would be to spend at least 2 hours by yourself each day, as long as you can log anywhere from 10-15 hours of alone time per week, you’ll be on the quick path to improved mental health. 

Good mental health not only helps us think more clearly, but it allows us to maintain higher production levels, whether we’re at work or elsewhere.

Now that you’ve learned how vital alone time is to mental wellness, try to make the effort to carve out more “me” time from here on out (if you don’t already

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