Mental Strength Makes Sentences Your Weapons

A simple sentence can change you life

We all have certainly seen many necklaces, bracelets and polished stones on which influential words like “Love”, “Hope” and “Affections” are engraved. These are certainly beautiful words and we also enjoy them as well, but can they put any positive impact on our real lives and do you want to repeat them despite you want to see them in reality. Certainly, doing so will be nothing else except regret and foolishness.

On the contrary, understanding some positive sentences and their true usage can be beneficial in our real lives. For instance if your children are making you mad and you are boiling with anger, at that time repeating sentences like “I am loving my children much and will control them with wisdom” will be helpful in keeping you peaceful and handling the situation well.

In fact any sentence can become positive strong statement regarding thing you really want. For instance when children are worrying you, at that time neither you are loving them nor displaying wisdom but you really want to do so and repeat these sentences in order to increase the chances that push you towards your goal.

But, it is equally important to know here that repeating any sentence or statement is not a magical formula that will suddenly make your dreams real rather they can become effective weapon in the way of changing your life. Similarly, if you constantly remain unwell, getting worried is a sure thing, but being worried will never recover you from illness. In this situation use this sentence instead, “Today I will feel better to as much extent as possible.” This approach will gradually convert possibility into reality.

In fact, any influential sentence keeps two powerful mental characteristics and that are “Intention” and “Expectation”. Intention is not mere a wish or hope but it is a resolution and when we keep on repeating any sentence, our focus remains on our intention that increases our desire by keeping us revolving around our target and we take some step to convert our intention into reality. By the way any sentence needs action for success.

Another “Mental Strength” that makes sentences your weapon is “Expectation” means we will achieve whatever we wants, although we don’t know how and when. If you expect for the best then you will feel the present and future messages the same way you want to achieve something.

If you are also interested in learning the usage and identification of sentences and wants to get expertise in this art that will help you attaining your targets, the experts suggest the following exercise but you will need will-power and clear words for achieving this purpose.

Always start with the small targets


Initially start with small targets that are reachable. For some people it will be more helpful to say “I have become financially strong” instead of saying “I have become millionaire” because it creates fewer doubts for action.

Burning Desire

An effective sentence is never uttered uninterestingly. In fact it needs desire not requirement. Find out by totally drowning in your personality the thing you really want whole heartedly and then utter that thing loudly in words “This is the thing I really want”.

Ignore double mindedness and uncertainty conditions

You do not need to ascertain that your uttered sentence will become reality abruptly but you have to keep trust on the possibilities of whatever you want.

Keep the sentences short, positive and clear

A sentence should be short and in your own words. In this way it will be easy for you to remember whenever you need it to use. The expression of a sentence should also be positive such as “I am happy” instead of “I am not upset”. If you think about anything negatively that means your whole focus is on deficiency instead of possibilities. Clear approach will guide you in your way to success.

Writing and Revising

Write your statement immediately and paste it at locations where you can easily see it daily, for instance, on your mirror, computer monitor and refrigerator etc. Then keep on reiterating your statement loudly that will provoke you for taking action towards your target. There is no magical quantity fixed how many times you should reiterate your statement for success but keep on reiterating is helpful.

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