Mind Blowing When a Child Cries

Cries signal the needs.

When a baby cries, there are only one things to think; they are hungry or sick. If they grow older, it will make you mind blowing with their adventurous stunts. You cannot control them into one place. They jump and run in all corners of the house. There are some instances, they get injured or acquire unintentional bruises because of their imaginative play session with the other kids. Of course, the members of the family will be alarm if they cried so loud and asking someone to rescue them. A week ago, my niece was jumping in our stairs and suddenly jump and slip one step. Luckily, she did not trip down or stumble all through out the stairs. However, she got a small scratch and bled on her knees. The common reaction is to cry out loud because she saw the blood dripping on her knees. The family members were shouting and freak out. I said not to panic, since it will create more injuries. The necessary first aid was given and things were done accordingly.

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