Mother’s Intuition – Fact or Folklore?

Like most mothers, I feel a deep connection to my son. A few years ago, I experienced “mother’s intuition” at its finest, in a strange and wonderful way.

My son, Sam, was attending college in Boston and he called to say he wasn’t feeling well. What started out as a bad cold had progressed to what seemed like a nasty flu. He went to a walk-in clinic, was prescribed antibiotics and a cough suppressant, and was told to take the medication and return in two days. I spoke to him on the phone after he had returned from the clinic. He was going to take his first dose of medication and go to bed. Because he was under a doctor’s care and on medication, I trusted that he would soon be back to his old, healthy self.

A few hours later, I felt a strange urge to meditate and send some “healing energy” to my son. This was really foreign to me. I had never done anything like it before, and didn’t know where the impulse came from. While I had been dabbling with meditation, I had never attempted to use it to send energy to anyone. It sounded rather silly. But there the compulsion was, sitting in my head (at least I thought it was in my head-I found out later that it actually came from my heart). Strange as it seemed, I decided to listen to this natural inclination.

I began to meditate and I visualized Sam standing before me, facing me. In my mind, I put my hands on his head and started to massage his scalp. I was hoping these efforts would help him to sleep really well so he would wake up feeling better in the morning. In the visualization, he leaned into me and placed his head on my shoulder. I kept massaging his head and his back, returning him to an upright position because it was easier to massage him that way. But Sam kept leaning into me and putting his head on my shoulder. This happened quite a few times in the meditation, so I eventually gave up and continued to massage his head and back from this position. After about 20 minutes of visualizing this I grew tired and fell asleep, hoping that he would have a restful and restorative sleep.

Meanwhile, a few hours after talking to me on the phone, Sam took his first round of antibiotics. Shortly after, his world began to tilt and flash and he started to vomit blood. His room-mate called 911 and he was rushed to the hospital via ambulance. Sam was experiencing a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotic he had taken. Completely unaware of his crisis, I was engaged in my impromptu meditation, sending Sam “healing energy” because of the strange compulsion I felt.

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