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Ways to Recover From Mental Abuse

Hi, whether you’ve been teased or …

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Saving at The Grocery Store

Now a days with our grocery prices are going up..

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Encouragement for a Better Green Happy Life

Search someone who’s been a positive influence. You could look up to this person. I do not believe there’s any better way to be encouraged than to listen from someone that you were a tremendous supporter in some way. Your encouragement will help urge that person to be a positive influence on others even as he or she was for you.


Bob The Builder Wisdom


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Dried Fruit: How It Can Save Your Waistline and Your Pocketbook

Are you getting your 5-7 servings of a fruit a day? Do you want to lose weight, feel great and save money at the same time?


How to React to Bad News?

Some news can make you drop on your knees and if you are old man your heart can stop… Can you help it?

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The Seven Day New You Challenge!

Feeling bored with life? Stuck in rut? Keep meaning to try new things but can never quite muster the enthusiasm to do so? Then try my seven day challenge to inject some fun and passion back into your life!


How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight

Motivational tips to lose weight and get into shape.


Drugs and Alcohol are an Escape?

Stop escaping because your not really escaping reality, you’re just puting it on hold, only making greater problems in the future AND eternally.


How to Get Started on a Body Blitz

Want to overhaul your fitness routine but not sure how to start? Read on to give your blitz the best chance of success.